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What is a Learning Management System?
 What is a Learning Management System?     February 22, 2019  

What is Learning Management?

Learning Management System FAQ

  1. What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?
  2. Who is Learning Management For?
  3. How do companies benefit from an LMS?
  4. Will a Hosted LMS Portal help me with employee development?
  5. Who else can benefit from a Learning Management System?
  6. What types of learning can be managed by a Hosted LMS Portal?
  7. What is SCORM?
  8. What are Learning Management System (LMS )' used for?
  9. Can a Learning Management System (LMS ) be customized?
  10. What are the LMS system requirements?
  11. How much does does a Hosted LMS Portal cost?
  12. Should we purchase a license or a hosted LMS Portal?
  13. Why Select a Hosted Portal?
  14. How long does a Hosted LMS Portal take to implement?

What is a Learning Management System?

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are used to deliver and manage your company's learning programs. Learning Management Systems track, coordinate, quantify and otherwise manage all training, education and certification for a diverse array of learning and e-learning requirements. Whether your requirements are focused on continuing education, human capital development, e-learning or certification, Learning Management Systems ensure your company's defined goals are met and ROI is realized.

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Who is Learning Management for?

Learning Management Systems are designed to enable your company or organization to properly manage continued learning initiatives, thus allowing results to be measured and modifications to be made. Although these systems can be used by any size organization, they typically fit medium to large sized clients who have many users and diverse learning and e-Learning activities.

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How do companies benefit from an LMS?

The benefits are numerous and vary based on your specific situation. Generally the value can be categorized in the following ways:

  • Lower Training Costs.
  • LMS and e-learning can lower per-learner costs by up to 75% compared to other methods. One customer reported saving over $500,000 on one course alone! They reduced their training time for about 1,000 people from an 8 hour instructor led course to an average of 42 minutes online!
  • A rule of thumb is to take your current training hours, and divide by two. This will give you a rough estimate of how much time (and money) will be saved.
  • Contact us and we'll prepare a detailed estimate of savings based on your information.
  • Increased Consistency.
  • The quality of training is the same for every learner, every time.
  • Surveys and feedback modules enable instructors to make meaningful improvements to the courses fast and easy.
  • Better Reporting.
  • Managers can see exact training record information up to the minute.
  • Reports can be run on demand or scheduled and sent periodically via email.
  • Better Compliance.
  • The superb record keeping and reporting provide necessary documentation for regulations like Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), JCAHO and HIPAA.
  • Built in compliance reports provide pinpoint compliance training accuracy for managers.
  • Certification
  • An LMS can automatically track when certifications are expiring, and notify the learner in advance.
  • Upon completion, learners prepare and prnt a customized certificate of completion.

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How do Learning Management Systems help me with Employee Development?

Learning Management Systems are critical to your employee's development because they manage and track learning programs with automated tools that greatly enhance the capabilities of managers. LMS' enable excellent record keeping, which is paramount to any learning endeavor, as well as providing many automated features such as notifications, reminders and tracking compliance.

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Who else can benefit from a Learning Management System?

The benefits of Learning Management Systems go beyond employee training. Learning Management Systems can be used to deliver information to partners, customers, suppliers and resellers, at anytime and any location worldwide. They help with corporate responsibility, accountability and compliance by automatically documenting important components of a learning curriculum.

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What types of learning can be managed by a Hosted LMS Portal?

LMS managed training is web based and can be delivered anywhere for any purpose: Blended Learning is the combinaltion of instructor led classroom training combined with e-learning. Completing the e-learning courses are often required before attending the classroom based training.

  • Self Paced e-Learning (online training).
  • Instructor Led Classroom Training and seminars
  • Virtual Classroom (live e-Learning over the web)

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What is SCORM?

The Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a technical specification that governs how online training (or “e-learning”) is created and delivered to learners. SCORM is similar in concept to the digital photographic standard known as .JPG.

The essence of SCORM is that any content that conforms to the SCORM specifications will work with any SCORM conformant LMS.   SCORM dictates the technical specifications for creating e-learning. SCORM allows you to create any type of learning content; however it doesn’t specify instructional design, pedagogical methods, visual appearance or anything else that affects the educational experience.

SCORM version 1.2 is widely adopted and is the de facto industry standard.

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What are Learning Management Systems used for?

Companies use Learning Management Systems to track a variety of training initiatives:

  • Regulatory compliance training such as OSHA, CME, CE, Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Sales Training
  • Client and partner education
  • Continuing education and soft skills trainingfor managers;
  • Computer competency courses
  • Required certification courses for technical employees

Nearly any type of knowledge transfer, training, learning, or education will benefit from an LMS.

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Can an LMS be customized to fit my precise training needs?

Our Portals are built from the ground up to be an extremely flexible and extensible system. Because of this, most companies can use the Portal without any customization. When needed, we have experts work to closely with you to custom-tailor the Portal to meet your specific requirements.

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What are the system requirements?

Small Business Training Portals will run on any computer with a standard browser. No plug-ins are required.

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How much does it cost?

Portals are sensibly priced. The technology design allows us to fit your budget for both the number of users and the specific features you require.

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Should we purchase a license or a Hosted LMS Portal?

We offer the LearningServer LMS in both a premise-based license model, and a hosted model, and each decision is individual depending on your needs and budget. With the LearningServer LMS you can start with a hosted offering, and if your needs change, we will move your data to your own premise-based LearningServer LMS when you are ready.

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Why Select a Hosted LMS Portal?

Independent studies show that outsourced Learning Management System (LMS) systems have 10-30% lower Total Cost of Ownership.  This same research finds that 21% of enterprise-class Learning Management System (LMS) systems are now externally hosted and 31% of mid-market systems are externally hosted. With today's increase in bandwidth and availability of "web-services," a hosted LearningServer LMS makes more sense than ever.

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How long does a Hosted LMS Portal take to implement?

Portal setup is extremely quick. We can have your basic portal up and running with branding in place, learners loaded, user names and passwords assigned within 24 hours. More complex implementations require more time, usually measurable in days.

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I could not be happier with your product and support. You provide a feature rich product solution for storing, maintaining and selling online courseware. You and your staff always go the extra mile to make sure our courses are easily accessed by our clients and to make sure that the GDA On-Line store is complete and easy to use. We have a rather complex system for working with associations, and the LMS and store are important factors in the system. You and your staff continue to delight us with your responsiveness to all of our requests to optimize our system.

-Executive Vice President, Operations
Growth Development Associates, Inc.
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