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What is a Learning Management System?
 Services     January 20, 2019  

When it comes to finding solutions do not choose a supplier, choose a STRATEGIC PARTNER.


Technological SOLUTIONS

We have the knowledge to select, assess, integrate and implement open-source and proprietary software tools providing our customers with an adequate solution according to their specific needs.
  • e-Learning platforms  (Moodle, Dokeos, e-Front, Claroline, Atutor, Ilias, and other LMS)
  • Video conferences
  • Digital repositories/libraries systems
  • Niche social networks
  • Content Management Systems
  • Mobile-learning
  • Web 2.0 collaborative tools


Starting from materials such as texts, presentations or interviews with experts, we transform the content into a didactic interactive multimedia format (videos, images, animations, voice and simulations).
  • Instructional design
  • Graphic design and programming
  • Standardization (SCORM, AICC, others)
  • Content for mobile devices
  • Simulations and games


Experiential learning materials provide our facilitators with powerful, effective activities that require participants to get involved, discuss and debrief to understand how to improve their performance and transfer their learning into real life environments. 

With the support and exclusive licensing rights to use MTa International's experiential training resources, our learning activities have been designed with the following criteria in mind:

  • Engage everyone mentally, physically and emotionally
  • Provide challenge, raise issues that relate to work, stimulate


Our added value in e-Learning Projects includes:
  • Analysis of necessities and definition of requirements 
  • Project management, organization and planning 
  • Assessment and selection of software applications
  • Integration, development and adaptation of systems
  • Training in usage and management of tools
  • Virtual communities development
  • Technical/functional support and assistance

The SharePoint LMS is our first online learning management system, and it has been great for tracking training attendance and implementing online training modules.

I appreciate that our users don’t have to go to another website to use it, and they can access everything through SharePoint. It is also great that supervisors can track their supervisees’ activity in the system independently. Importing SCORM compliant courses is very easy, and the preferred method of engaging online learners.

The task ticket system for requests and repairs is easy to use, and support is very responsive.

-Training and Employee Development Coordinator
Mental Health Resources