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 NewsLMS Ready Virtual Classroom Recordings     December 15, 2018  

LMS-Ready Virtual Classroom Recordings

Create SCORM courses immediately from recorded virtual classroom sessions! Compliance Training Solutions, Inc. a leading provider of e-Learning solutions for business announced today the support for an innovative combination of two powerful technologies — online meetings and learning management systems.

Until now, there has been no simple way for trainers and subject matter experts to transfer instructor led training sessions to a learning management system. Now, with the combination of iLinc and LearningServer, it’s a few clicks away.

With the latest release of iLinc, businesses can simplify and accelerate knowledge transfer by immediately deploying virtual classroom recordings as SCORM courses within the LearningServer LMS.“Our clients are always looking for a simple way to create content on the LearningServer from a variety of sources. Now, with this automatic upgrade from iLinc, clients produce training sessions with fully synchronized screen capture and narration with no additional effort.” explains Matt Crowshaw, CEO of Compliance Training Solutions. “Not only will they be able to immediately deploy recordings as Flash-based SCORM format, but important new capabilities showcase their virtual initiatives on Facebook and Twitter.”

Businesses are invited to try iLinc for free by visiting www.compliancetraining.com or call the toll free number at 877-44 MY LMS (877-446-9567).

This system is so easy to use!

I’ve had people actually stop me in the hallway to thank me for the new system. They consistently say how much easier it is to use than the old one!

-Director of Professional Nursing Practice, MS, PhD©, RN-BC
Saint Vincent Medical Center
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