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Extended Enterprise LMS
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 Extended Enterprise LMS     March 18, 2019  

Extended Enterprise LMS

Learning-Management.com provides you the capability to extend your training reach beyond your internal organization. Enterprise partners can quickly have access to tailored content that you control. Different registrant types will have selected content available to them based on their needs, which completely personalizes the experience. For example, customer support may view and access content for their role, while sales and marketing see an entirely different content selection.

What can you use Learning-Management.com Extended Enterprise Training for?

  • Customer Training
  • Partner and Channel Training
  • Knowledge management
  • Certification
  • New product training
  • Event Registration

Learning-Mangement.com Extended Enterprise Benefits

Extended Enterprise software capabilities can help your organization:

  • Deliver tailored information to your target audience profile
  • Social media connect - log in using your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Integrated LMS and ecommerce
  • Mix and match content that is delivered in the enterprise portal, along with formal learning delivered via the LMS
  • Create custom tailored, multi-level registration processes tuned to your organizations requirements.
  • Tailor content delivery based on the user profile
  • Refer a friend
  • Make it easy for your channel partners to participate in certification programs
  • Publish your learning catalog to either registered users or guests
  • Reduce your extended enterprise training costs
  • Accelerate time to market for new product roll-outs
  • Increase sales by improving your brand image and customer satisfaction

The SharePoint LMS is our first online learning management system, and it has been great for tracking training attendance and implementing online training modules.

I appreciate that our users don’t have to go to another website to use it, and they can access everything through SharePoint. It is also great that supervisors can track their supervisees’ activity in the system independently. Importing SCORM compliant courses is very easy, and the preferred method of engaging online learners.

The task ticket system for requests and repairs is easy to use, and support is very responsive.

-Training and Employee Development Coordinator
Mental Health Resources
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